Joint Statement on Communicating Da’esh’s/ISIL’s True Nature

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Joint Statement on Communicating Da’esh’s/ISIL’s True Nature

27 October 2014

Following is the text of a joint statement issued by the Gulf Cooperation Council’s Coalition Partners Communications Conference on strengthening cooperation in public communications to combat Da’esh/ISIL and violent extremism in the region and beyond.

Gulf Cooperation Council
Coalition Partners Communications Conference
Kuwait City, Kuwait
October 27, 2014
Joint Statement

The State of Kuwait, as current chair of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), graciously hosted delegations from several Coalition partner countries on October 27 for a conference on strengthening cooperation in public communications to combat Da’esh/ISIL and violent extremism in the region and beyond. Building on the recent GCC information ministers’ conference here, Kuwait emphasized the need for all Coalition partners to work individually and collectively to expose Da’esh’s/ISIL’s true destructive and barbaric nature.
H.E. Khaled Sulaiman al-Jarallah, Kuwait’s Under Secretary of Foreign Affairs, welcomed the delegates from the GCC countries, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, Iraq, France, the United Kingdom, and the United States, saying, “Kuwait is pleased to host this important meeting and to participate with its international partners in developing plans for countering Da’esh/ISIL and other violent extremists.”
General John Allen, the Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL from the United States of America reiterated U.S. President Barack Obama’s vision of countering Da’esh/ISIL propaganda and shared efforts “to put forward an affirmative vision that contrasts with Da’esh’s/ISIL’s violent and hateful ideology.” He called on participating countries to intensify their public affairs engagement as the Coalition moves forward, denying Da’esh/ISIL the support it seeks.
The United States delegation, led by H.E. Richard Stengel, Under Secretary of State, described U.S. public affairs strategies and ideas for increasing cooperation among Coalition partners to counter Da’esh/ISIL.
The Coalition partners discussed steps their governments are taking, individually and cooperatively, to strengthen the resistance of our communities to Da’esh’s/ISIL’s extremist message. This involves intensifying our engagement to address significant events; enhancing exchanges, training and other cooperative programs for government leaders and spokespersons; actively opposing the recruitment of foreign fighters; and encouraging important religious and social leaders, opinion makers, and the millions of young people who oppose violent extremism to raise their voices through traditional and social media.
The Coalition partners reaffirmed their commitment to United Nations Security Council Resolutions 2170 and 2178 and resolved to continue and expand the dialogue on anti-Da’esh/ISIL communications and to convene a follow up session in the near future.

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