Ebola 101 for Americans

Somewhere in Texas

by Sue in NM

History of current Ebola outbreak

The Ebola strain in America has been traced back to West Africa. Ebola is a type of filovirus. West African Countries where this outbreak started are Guinea, Sierra Leone,  Liberia and Nigeria.

The U.S. currently has a Level 3 Travel Warning for Guinea,  Sierra Leone and Liberia.  This means only essential personnel should travel to these countries. Nigeria has a Level 1 travel warning. Nigeria has a lower warning level because at the onset of Ebola Nigeria imposed on themselves a travel ban to both incoming and outgoing travel.  They were able to contain the outbreak.

CDC has offices located in international airports and land borders now. At a CDC Press briefing they said border patrol agents have been instructed on what to watch for.

How is Ebola transmitted?      

Ebola can be transmitted from mammals and rodents to humans.  When Ebola…

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