More Dr. Shafiq & Paul Sutliff Exposes his Taqiyya by Paul Sutliff

Dr. Shafiq vs. Me

By Paul Sutliff
Radio Guest Speaker on the Muslim Brotherhood
Posted September 17, 2014
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Last night, Dr. Mohammad Shafiq was a guest speaker at St. John’s on Humboldt Street. He was invited to talk about ISIS. He talked for a little over 45 minutes. But only addressed ISIS for a total of 14 minutes. Another speaker who was a Presbyterian minister called Shafiq his teacher also spoke on the topic.

Dr. Shafiq started the conversation by explaining what ISIS means. This was interesting considering an Arabic Muslim stated that it meant, “the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.” But, Shafiq then stated the name in Arabic saying “Sham.” Dr. Shafiq never shared how the name Sham is used by our President to mean an area much broader than Syria. He did however explain what Levant means listing the countries it would cover today. He however, neglected to state that it refers to Ottoman Caliphate in a pre WWI term that ignores the existence of Israel labeling the area as under Islamic rule.

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