How To Start An Ebola Outbreak – A Obama Primer

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It’s hard to overstate just how badly the nation’s first confirmed case of Ebola, was botched by public health officials.  First the patient, Thomas Eric Duncan was allowed to travel to this country from an Ebola ravaged country.  That’s problem #1.  The time to Ban Travel from Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea was six months ago. But the Obama Regime won’t consider it, even now. Worse,  the president killed the Bush era quarantine rules in 2010 that “required air passengers to submit more information to airlines and strengthened the government’s authority to detain travelers suspected of carrying disease.”

Problem #2: He was sent home from the hospital after telling the nurse that he had recently traveled to Dallas from the Ebola Capital of the world, Liberia. The doctor wasn’t informed, but he didn’t ask either.

The CDC has made it a top priority to assure the public that Ebola…

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