Ebola Scare On Flight From Brussels As Liberian Passenger Falls Sick On Plane (Video)

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Saturday quarantined an international flight  from Brussels, Belgium, Saturday, after a passenger from Liberia at Newark Liberty International Airport, after a passenger fro Liberia fell ill on the plane, complaining that his “eyeballs felt like they were floating.”

The United Airlines Flight  touched down at Newark Liberty International Airport at 12:15 p.m.

Via CNN:

CDC quarantine officers met the plane after one of the 255 passengers was vomiting on the flight, officials said.

The passengers were released at 1:50 p.m. and permitted to go through customs, said Erica Dumas, a Port Authority of New York and New Jersey spokesperson. The sick passenger and his daughter were taken to a hospital for evaluation. Passengers said it took another two hours to clear customs and retrieve their luggage.

The incident comes amid heightened concerns after Thomas Eric Duncan, who had recently arrived from Liberia, on…

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