Doctor had access to Ebola patient travel history

Doctor had access to Ebola patient travel historytext size Doctor had access to Ebola patient travel history

Updated: Saturday, October 4 2014, 02:23 PM EDT

Dallas (AP) — The Dallas hospital treating the lone U.S. Ebola patient says an emergency room doctor who initially treated and released him did have access to the man’s travel history, after all.

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas issued a news release late Friday saying Thomas Duncan’s travel history was available to all of the hospital workers who treated him during his initial visit, including the doctor.

It said Thursday that a flaw in the electronic health records systems led to separate physician and nursing workflows, meaning Duncan’s travel history didn’t appear in the doctor’s.

Duncan fell ill after traveling from Liberia to Dallas and was sent home after that initial emergency room visit.

He returned two days later and was diagnosed with Ebola. Hospital spokesman Wendell Watson had no more details Saturday.

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  1. cg says:

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    So surreal


    • a12iggymom says:

      and ebola is the least of the worries for parents and grandparents, D68 is a rare deadly virus that has attached itself to the common cold virus, endovirus.At least 5 children have died from it and at least 100 left with polio type symptoms…and the cold and flu season and school has just started!


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