D68 confirmed in Ontario County

This is deceiving…children are the major victims, what looks like a cold progresses quickly and kills quickly. Enterovirusis nothing but the common cold…D68 is a rare and deadly disease. Children who don’t die are left with polio like disabilities…and this is all from the illegals the government sent across the nation. This virus was imported and is now running rampant is areas these illegals were settled in!

Staff report

Ontario County Pub­lic Health confirmed a case of D68 in the county on Friday, saying that the adult pa­tient had a history of asthma and is recover­ing.

EV-D68 tends to cir­culate in the summer and fall and causes symptoms very similar to a cold or influenza. People with EV-D68 may have body aches, runny nose, cough, sneezing or fever.

Children and those with asthma are at in­creased risk for more se­vere illness.

The virus spreads through contact with sa­liva of the infected, so washing hands with soap and water, avoiding close contact with sick individuals and disin­fecting frequently touched surfaces will decrease chances of in­fection.

People in 27 states were confirmed to have the sickness caused by EV-D68 in September data, according to the Center for Disease Con­trol and Prevention. No deaths in direct connec­tion with EV-D68 have been reported.

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