New York Fusion Center Declares Oath Keepers, Other Liberty Groups as ‘Extremist Threats’

... in the near term,” a New York state counterterrorism bulletin warns

oped: This is exactly why we have such a problem dealing with terrorism at home as well as abroad since the DHS was established and IMO a very bad idea which has come to fruition.
Being that instead of using resources to investigate and keep track of deadly radical Islamist organizations DHS and it’s offshoots use their power and resources to harass patriots which only have the best interest of the USA as their goal. It appears as if the Obama administration is abusing the power of this agency to achieve the radical Obama agenda.
Congress needs to defund,disband and abolish the DHS and return power to individual agencies as they were prior to the formation of this agency. It is always a bad idea to have one umbrella agency having control of all individual agencies as abuse of power will always follow when individual checks and balances are removed!

Addendum: side note: Hitler formed his own Homeland Security agency it was called SA then later the infamous SS…if you get the drift it appears as if the DHS is following the SS in it’s tactics of controlling the population through dis-information and branding dissenters as criminals of the state…need I really say more?
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