Danish Muslim Party claims that Denmark will be the first Muslim nation in Europe

Muslims are so delusional they believe a new Islamic caliphate in the West will be a Muslim society of “no drugs, no crime, peace, and humanity- instead of drug culture, immorality, possibly human rights crimes and violence which we have now.”

With the impressive track record of Islam’s dedication to peace, love and non-violence that dream should be shining with a distant absence.

Funny, if we had no Islam or Muslims in the world, most of these crimes would become a minority issue. They are a minority issue in the West, except with Muslim immigrants where these habits and crimes stand at an overwhelming majority. In fact, apart from alcohol consumption which exist but is not rampant, these crimes are massive through the entire Muslim world. No society, apart from that of Africa and India and South America, has violence to compare with the Middle East. Africa and India mainly struggle with Muslim induced violence. South America with violence from drug cartels.

So the Muslim dream is to establish peace through – slaughter. How come it didn’t work in their own countries? And had there been no Muslims in Sweden or Norway, for example, they would have been the most peaceful nations on earth. And with the lowest rape statistics per capita in the world. Instead they are competing with Nigeria’s rape statistics – all due to their rapidly growing Muslim presence.

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