For those who consider themselves “moderates”

This is Saba, a stalker, FL criminal and mental hospital releasee. She is a jihadi who believes in stoning women and sharia law over the US Constitution. She has been on Radio Jihad Network on Blogtalk Radio. She had a sob story saying she was afraid her father was going to honor kill her for stalking a prominent C.A.I.R leader in Florida, which she was arrested for. Beware of the jihadi pretending to be moderate.


In what has to be one of the best answers regarding moderates I have ever heard, this girl drank from the fire hose.

Bridgette Gabriel knows about Islam, and the horrors of living under Shari’a law.

Watch and learn, as Ms. Gabriel provides a history lesson that all Liberals need

See Video and

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2 Responses to For those who consider themselves “moderates”

  1. Yank III says:

    A so called “Moderate” is the definition of an individual who is too chickenshit to taks sides on anything for fear of annoying some other.. a pussy.


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