Years after a classical violinist’s tremor made it so that she could no longer perform, she underwent brain surgery to correct the disorder. The unusual procedure was captured on video as the surgeons had Naomi Elishuv play her violin while they operated.


An unusual procedure was captured on video as neurosurgeons had classical violinist Naomi Elishuv play her instrument while they operated on her brain. (Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center/YouTube)

The neurosurgeons needed to insert a pacemaker into Elishuv’s brain to suppress her shaking. To ensure the proper placement, Elishuv was kept awake. The doctors asked her to play as they worked and she played. The former Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra violinist opted to perform Mozart.

The surgery has been a success. One of the doctors said they saw the tremor “melt away” as soon as they turned on the current.

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