AR-15 Parts Maker Stirs Controversy by Marketing ‘Obama’s Blaster’

by AWR Hawkins 20 Sep 2014

Oceanside’s Ares Armor has stirred up controversy–and caught the eye of the Secret Service–with an AR-15 part called “Obama’s Blaster.”

“Obama’s Blaster” is not a gun, but an upper receiver–a part for an AR-15 that has to be coupled with a lower receiver in order to make a functioning firearm.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that Ares Armor’s owner, Dimitrios Karras, said his company is “pretty creative with [its] names” and “Obama’s Blaster” is “obviously a joke.” He said it’s meant to be “funny,” not to suggest action against any political figure.

On the Ares Armor website, “Obama’s Blaster” is not marketed as an offensive piece of weaponry but as a commemorative part honoring what Ares Armor describes as President Obama’s role as the most “distinguished firearms spokesman and salesman of all time.” But Secret Service spokesman Brian Leary said the existence of the part has come to their attention and the agency “will conduct the appropriate follow-up.”

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