Unbelievable! Gaza Power Plant Miraculously Repaired

14 Sep 2014
…Who needs truth when you can so easily obtain anti-Israel lies?

Elder of Ziyon..
14 September ’14

The Guardian reported on July 29:

Flames and clouds of black smoke billowed over Gaza’s only power plant on after it was destroyed during the most relentless and widespread Israeli bombardment of the current conflict.

The power plant is finished,” said its director, Mohammed al-Sharif, signalling a new crisis for Gaza’s 1.8 million people, who were already enduring power cuts of more than 20 hours a day.

Amnesty International said the crippling of the power station amounted to “collective punishment of Palestinians”. The strike on the plant will worsen already severe problems with Gaza’s water supply, sewage treatment and power supplies to medical facilities.

We need at least one year to repair the power plant, the turbines, the fuel tanks and the control room,” said Fathi Sheik Khalil of the Gaza energy authority. “Everything was burned.” He said crew members who had been trapped by the fire for several hours were evacuated.

It wasn’t only The Guardian that said this. The Times (UK), Haaretz, the ICRC,and many others reported that the power plant was “destroyed.”

Israel denied attacking the power plant or having bombed anything in the vicinity that day but that news was barely reported outside being buried in single CNN report. That didn’t stop Amnesty and HRW from blaming Israel for the attack, and not one media outlet or NGO even considered that Hamas may have attacked Gaza infrastructure and been guilty of war crimes in order to increase suffering – which was a major part of its war strategy.

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