Somalia advises high alert in U.S. for killing Al Shabaab chief

September 6, 2014

Somalia’s government officials on Saturday advised the U.S., Kenya and other nations’ officials to go on high alert in response to possible retaliation for the U.S. unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) attack that specifically targeted Al Shabaab’s Islamist leader on Labor Day.
The al-Qaida affiliated terrorist organization claimed that its Emir, 37-year-old Ahmed Abdi Godane was assassinated by the United States military in aUAV, or drone, attack on an Al Shabaab stronghold in southern Somalia.
According to Middle East news outlets, the radical Muslin group named Ahmed Omar Abu Ubeyda as its new Emir of whomLittle is known. Somalia’s Minister of National Security Khalif Ahmed Ereg reported that the Somali security force obtained reliable intelligence supporting the treats by Al Shabaab that it is planning terrorist attacks against Somali and U.S. targets as revenge for the assassination of their leader.


Americans are being warned that Al Shabaab is seeking to attack U.S. targets as revenge for a drone killing their leader.

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