Satanic Hazing in California Public High School

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A young 14 year old girl was forced to endure a Satanic hazing process in order to be in the Downey Ca. high school band as a part of what the band teacher called “Hell Week”.  Anita gives more details on this incident from the girls mother in this video.

Click on the link to see the news coverage of this outrageous practice going on at this public high school.

This is just another example of what is going on in this country these days in public schools.  Not only is the Word of God outlawed in these places, but Satan is taking over. I believe we are truly in the last days where good is called evil and evil is called good and even funny. This young girl wasn’t laughing as she and others were tormented by their classmates while a parent of one of the students not…

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  1. nanarhonda says:

    I have this on my blog as well! Keep it going! This is WRONG!


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