Media Matters goes bonkers over Benghazi expose Clinton-backed ‘watchdog’ issues 2nd hit in 24 hours

Chris Stevens while Killery Clinton was denying help, being sodomized with a cattle prod.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: “AT THIS POINT, WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE!”

The progressive activist organization Media Matters for America, known for its close ties to the Clintons, is apparently so intimidated by an upcoming Benghazi book the group has now attacked the work and its author twice in 24 hours.

The latest Media Matters piece lobs personal smears at Aaron Klein, the radio host, New York Times bestselling author and WND reporter whose latest work is “The REAL Benghazi Story: What the White House and Hillary Don’t Want You to Know.”
The book, set for release next Tuesday, breaks new ground on events leading to the attack and cites information that contradicts the Obama administration’s version of what took place that ill-fated night.
Of central interest to Media Matters are the large sections of the book that expose Hillary Clinton’s personal role in the scandal.
On Wednesday, Media Matters smeared the book while giving no indication it actually reviewed it. Instead, as WND reported, its misinformed claims were based, according to Media Matters’ own report, solely on a four-sentence description regarding the contents of the book published in the Washington Examiner.


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  1. nanarhonda says:

    a12iggymom, I found the reblog button! Thank you!


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    Hillary Clinton is so heartless and yet she will do anything to get elected to power. That’s all she wants is power. Beware of power hungry politicians people! They will go after everyone when they get that power!

    Thank to you a 12iggymom’s Blog for sharing this with us!


  3. nanarhonda says:

    Did you see Bret Beir’s report on Benghazi tonight? It had 3 of the men that were there that were told to stand down. It was very moving. I’m sure it will be shown again…. matter of fact its on right now again! Fox News Channel!


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    It didn’t make any difference to Hillary. It didn’t matter and it won’t make any difference to Hillary’s leftest followers. Hillary Clinton is thirsty for power, will do anything to achieve it, whatever it takes. She is heartless and cold.


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