Holder’s DOJ Punishes Employer for Verifying Against Illegal Hires

Holder & Obama

Holder & Obama

Forgery of documents is rampant in the illegal immigration racket.
That is why an employer which truly cares about its business integrity and the virtues of our republic may be prone to request more than the minimum documentation from potential employees. For example, if an apparent residence and work authorization an employee produces has expired, it may ask for the new document. That could produce difficulty for an illegal alien working in the USA based upon a forgery.
The so entitled Department of Justice, under Eric Holder, has just succeeded in legally intimidating an employee attempting to engage such a standard of scrutiny.
And the reason for this may be that, as we have maintained since the beginning of the Obama administration, it is a false-flag saboteur at its very essence, with goals of “fundamentally transforming the United States of America,” in Obama’s own words.
Here is a key excerpt from the DOJ’s September 2nd press release, about their intimidation of Culinaire International, in the hospitality industry.

Read More: http://noisyroom.net/blog/2014/09/05/holders-doj-punishes-employer-for-verifying-against-illegal-hires/

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