What Did Obama Tweet the Day Steven Sotloff Was Beheaded?

On September 2, a video called “A Second Message to America” during which the Muslim terrorist group warned Barack Obama to end U.S. intervention in Iraq and send a message that they mean business by beheading a second American journalist who had been held in captivity, Steven Sotloff.

Before he beheaded Sotloff, the terrorist said, “I’m back, Obama, and I’m back because of your arrogant foreign policy towards the Islamic state.”
After the video was released, just as with the beheading of James Foley, Obama said nothing. He didn’t run to the golf course, but he did jet off to Estonia en route to a NATO Summit. One day later, he gave an emotionless, contradictory speech during which he said those responsible will be brought to justice, only to say 20 minutes later that he wanted to shrink ISIS to a manageable level.

Given his less than leader-like response to this beheading, as well as his intense use of social media to push forward his progressive agenda, a check of his Twitter account on September 2 was warranted to see if there was an offer of condolences to Sotloff’s family. Was there a statement that the United States would not stand for this terrorism? Was there any calling out of the beheading as barbaric?

No. There was none of that. Instead, Obama had one tweet focused on the typical progressive talking point related to raising the minimum wage and claims of job growth.

A check of the official White House account showed no statement about Sotloff either.


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