Missing Libyan Planes pose threat, Obama lifts ban on attending flight shools

Try to connect these dots. The OMB now gives approval for Libyans who may now attend flight schools here in the U.S., reported on August 12. Please let me know what the Office of Management and Budget has to do with this? Now we learn the same month that about a dozen planes went missing when terrorists took over the airport in Tripoli. It is reported that they are now in the U.S. Meanwhile our Happy Face President tells us there is nothing to worry about and has no plans.

Islamist militias in Libya took control of nearly a dozen commercial jetliners last month, and western intelligence agencies recently issued a warning that the jets could be used in terrorist attacks across North Africa.

Intelligence reports of the stolen jetliners were distributed within the U.S. government over the past two weeks and included a warning that one or more of the aircraft could be used in an attack later this month on the date marking the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks against New York and Washington, said U.S. officials familiar with the reports.

The state-owned Libyan Airlines fleet until this summer included 14 passenger and cargo jetliners, including seven Airbus 320s, one Airbus 330, two French ATR-42 turboprop aircraft, and four Bombardier CJR-900s. Libyan state-owned Afriqiyah Airways fleet is made up of 13 aircraft, including three Airbus 319s, seven Airbus 320s, two Airbus 330s, and one Airbus 340.

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Obama Lifts Ban on Libyans Attending U.S. Flight Schools, Training In Nuke Science. Ban has been in place since 1983. August 12, 2014

The Obama administration has lifted longtime restrictions on Libyans attending flight schools in the United States and training here in nuclear science, according to a final amendment of the ban recently approved by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).
Source: http://bunkerville.wordpress.com/2014/09/03/missing-libyan-planes-pose-threat-obama-lifts-ban-on-attending-flight-shools/

Read More: http://beforeitsnews.com/politics/2014/09/missing-libyan-planes-pose-threat-obama-lifts-ban-on-attending-flight-shools-2648208.html

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5 Responses to Missing Libyan Planes pose threat, Obama lifts ban on attending flight shools

  1. John says:

    In the still smouldering shadow of September 11, 2001 we need to exercise more caution about who learns to fly planes.
    The terrorists who killed 3,000 Americans learned their flying skills in The United States, didn’t they?
    What is somebody thinking?


    • a12iggymom says:

      I firmly believe Obama is an islamic infiltrator and he is doing his part in the global caliphate…unless American people realize this, and very quickly, America will look like the Middle East soon…

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      • John says:

        If Obama is going to do anything to advance the “Caliphate” he had bettere darned well hurry up, don’t you think? He doesn’t have all that much time left in office. By the way . . . when is he going to send his goons and thugs from door to door to collect all our guns? He has been supposed to be doing that for a long time now. Several years in and already in his second term and not a peep about confiscating all American privately-owned weapons. What’s up with that?


      • a12iggymom says:

        I don’t think he wants to do anything except advance the caliphate into the USA…ever wonder why the USA isn’t mentioned in Revelations?

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  2. a12iggymom says:

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