Answering the Jihad: Did Someone Say ‘Crusade’?

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What’s the difference between the Crusades, the Barbary Wars and the Global War on Terror?
As far as jihadist Islamists are concerned absolutely nothing.
These conflicts were and are simply an excuse to murder anyone who is not like them. Like an obsessed teenager high on caffeine and sugar playing marathon rounds of Halo, Islamists murder for sheer pleasure, the terror effect is just a pleasant byproduct for them.
Islamists have used the Crusades (four major armed Christian pilgrimages to the Holy Land from 1095-1289) as a recruiting tool with low-information Muslims, who are easily radicalized, especially if they are of meager means and background. Improving one’s standard of living or social status through joining radical terrorist movements is tough to counter if we are not in a position to do so, and are in fact running away from the fight.Read More:

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