Wars of the Zeitgeist By: David M. Weinberg

What “corrupts” more: The “occupation,” or Israeli withdrawals and the inevitable wars against Palestinian terrorist enclaves? Should Israel draw more borders and build more fences so that the Palestinians can dig under them and shoot over them; or should Israel erase the Green Line once and for all, and assert new models of autonomous coexistence for a better future?

terrorist groups

Fatah is Hamas is the Moslem Brotherhood is Al Qaeda is Boko Haram is ISIS is Iran. They are all out to crush our way of life and reduce our state to rubble. None are “moderates.”

As silence falls over the battlefields of Gaza, wars of Zeitgeist have begun.

Here are four fronts on which the struggle for Israel’s legitimacy and the global mindset will be fought.

First of all, the real story of Hamas has to be told, in UN committees and through every media and community forum. This includes Hamas executing Fatah members, children digging terror attack tunnels, concrete being redirected to building tunnels rather than hospitals and schools, the affluence of Hamas’ leadership who divert funding from the Palestinian public to their own personal accounts, Iranian weapons shipments, and the 4,500 war crimes (missile attacks) committed by Hamas over the past 50 days.

This also includes a full recounting of the (overly) humanitarian Israeli way at war: Targeting only clearly identifiable military targets, tip-toeing around civilians trapped purposefully by Hamas in the crossfire, supplying electricity and food to the enemy in the midst of battle, treating the enemy’s wounded, and so on.

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