Andrea Tantaros: ‘Eric Holder Runs the DOJ Like the Black Panthers Would’

Andrea Tantaros
Leftist rags The New Yorker, Bloomberg Business Week, and Time magazine covers all responded to the mayhem in Ferguson, MO, by featuring cloned images of people standing with their hands up, in surrender mode, attempting to further the leftstream media meme that the “Gentle Giant,” Mike Brown, was just this innocent teenager going for a stroll when this racist white cop started shooting at him just because he was black.

Below are images of the three magazine covers as shown on FOX News’ The Five:

“Are they trying this case before anyone is even sworn in yet?” Eric Bolling, host of FOX News’ The Five, asked Greg Gutfeld on Friday.

“You win Pulitzers with pictures like that,” Gutfeld answered sarcastically. “You don’t win Pulitzers in times of calm,” Gutfeld said, alluding to the leftstream media’s attempt to stir up strife to prop up their failing ratings. Gutfeld continued, “You saw the media before. There were reporting on ‘fear of unrest.’ Now it’s ‘how long will the calm last?’”

Bolling then brought Andrea Tantaros into the conversation, asking, “Is it dangerous to be putting those on the cover?”

“You sell magazine’s with racial divide,” Tantaros answered. “You sell magazines by blowing up, what in their minds, is a white on black incident.”

Tantaros then shifted the conversation to, what is typically dozens of murders occurring on a weekly basis in cities like Chicago, and blasted the media for ignoring the black-on-black crime crisis happening in major U.S. cities, as they try to gin up racial strife. Tantaros also took a shot at professional race hustlers Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson for ignoring the black-on-black crime which dominates crime statistics across America.

“Where you really could do good journalism is going to the streets of Chicago and following the black-on-black crime. If I were African-American, I would be outraged that more journalists aren’t covering what’s happening in Chicago and more outraged that people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson don’t head to those areas.”

Finally, Tantaros blasted Obama Attorney General Eric Holder’s role in stirring the pot. Holder, the only sitting attorney general in U.S. history to be held in contempt of Congress, who recently admitted he was more interested in leftist activism than the rule of law, was accused by Tantaros of running the DOJ as if it was being led by a member of the Black Panthers:

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