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Democrat Governor: ‘ We’re Going to Lynch This White Cop’

Written by Donald Joy on August 20, 2014 It’s time to impeach a real crook named Nixon. This time, it’s the current governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon, who has violated every principle of American jurisprudence and individual due process rights … Continue reading

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Democrats set up voter registration in front of Mike Brown memorial

What do you think, crass or clever? Missouri Republican Party Executive Director Matt Wills denounced voter registration efforts amid continued protests in Ferguson, calling it “disgusting.” “If that’s not fanning the political flames, I don’t know what is,” Wills told … Continue reading

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‘Depraved’: Let’s compare David Cameron’s response to Foley beheading to Obama’s (It’s enraging)

August 20, 2014 by Twitchy Staff Yes. And for calling it like it is: Depraved. As opposed to the Obama administration, who managed to only muster up “appalling.” What actually is appalling? This contrast between David Cameron and our disgrace … Continue reading

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Megyn Kelly gets pissed when her coverage about a slain American was interrupted for Ferguson news

Kelly was not to pleased about this news judgement. “Hold on…I realize…I realize something is happening in Ferguson, but we’re talking about something important here, so can you at least split screen the video,” Kelly said. “The protesters and the … Continue reading

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TheBlackSphere: Dorian Johnson recants statement in shooting?

I am still in NYC, and prepping for media. This came across my twitter feed, so please VERIFY for yourself. According to this tweet, Dorian Johnson may have recanted his narrative of Michael Brown, now saying Brown did indeed attack … Continue reading

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Bush takes Ice Bucket Challenge

You can watch the video here: YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DepakUSDtQE You can watch the video here: YouTu Wednesday, August 20 2014, 01:36 PM EDT KENNEBUNKPORT, Maine (AP) Former President George W. Bush took the ice bucket challenge then nominated former President Bill … Continue reading

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FPM: Beaten to Death at McDonald’s

It had seemed to the four clean-cut college freshman that night like a typical McDonald’s: spanking clean, well-lighted, and safe. It was in a good neighborhood too, right next to Texas A&M University in College Station – a campus known … Continue reading

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FPM: The End of the “Michael Brown Shot From Behind” Myth: Dr. Baden’s autopsy makes impossible a racist Left’s narrative

By John Ellis Dr. Baden’s autopsy results put an end to the story line that Michael Brown had been shot from behind, and it brands as liars those witnesses who made up that story and claimed to have seen it … Continue reading

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Palestinians bear blame

“The people of Gaza are indeed under siege” (Aug. 16 letter) shows how the Hamas media manipulation is working on the low-information voter. The writer of this letter just doesn’t get it. Hamas was elected by the Palestin­ian people as … Continue reading

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Matthew Daneman Staff writer Xerox Corp. is planning to elim­inate more than 120 positions from its Webster workforce this fall, the company indicated in a Worker Ad­justment and Retraining Notifica­tion Act notice filed with the state Labor Department. According to … Continue reading

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Race for governor gets busy Tuesday: Campaign trail includes push for Women’s Equality Party

Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino, left, shakes the hand of Endwell resident Jeff Weyant, shipping supervisor at Bob Carr 2.0 Printing and Mailing, before he reveals details about his comprehensive jobs plan during a press conference Tuesday in Binghamton. Jon … Continue reading

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VIDEO: This Could be a Game Changer in the Mike Brown Case; But Will Eric Holder Ignore It?

Please share this on Facebook and Twitter if you believe that Obama and Holder should not turn this case into another racially charged situation and, instead, wait for the facts to be discovered. http://www.tpnn.com/2014/08/17/video-this-could-be-a-game-changer-in-the-mike-brown-case-but-will-eric-holder-ignore-it/# THE LIE IS HE LAID UNCOVERED … Continue reading

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