Gaza tunnels…unbelievable

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Gaza tunnels…unbelievable
No Wonder Israel is fighting back!!!!! You don’t see any of this on the news..
Wow!!   Certainly a major engineering project.   Looks like the Israelis do have  cause for concern .
Why isn’t the “main stream” news reporting this?  They only talk about the people dying at the hands of Israel!
9:16 AM 07/27/2014
By Mordechai Ben-Menachem
Multiple media outlets report that Hamas’s offensive tunnel network – now known to have been composed of over forty attack tunnels dug underneath Israel’s border with the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip – was set to be activated during the Jewish High Holidays (September 24th) as a mass terror attack.
The attack was meant to generate as many as ten thousand casualties, men, women and particularly children and hundreds of captives.  Explosives were particularly placed underneath kindergartens to make certain that these “institutions” would be the first struck…

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