Look Out! Obama Slithers Again Toward ‘New World Order’

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Watching what’s unfolding is one of the most terrifying feelings I’ve ever known. I just hope you have the grit to stomach all of this. I’m sorry. I want to shield you from it but the truth must come out…

Obama is on the verge of carrying out a horrific chain of events leading to full Martial Law. He said so in his State of the Union address the other night.

With his signature smirk he told American citizens that this is the “Year of Executive Action.” He plans to abuse executive orders to blow by Congress and the Constitution to carry out his agenda.

That’s why I desperately need to be able to count on you.

We have some serious deadlines this week—some of our biggest yet and we cannot miss them or it will set us back a hundred-fold. Please we need your help or we’ll fail.

Obama’s Executive Order Czar, John Podesta made a mockery of America and our Founding Fathers when he told us that Obama’s just getting warmed up. When he believes “he has the authority” to “make progress” without action by Congress, he’ll do it, Podesta boasted.

This is flat-out full assault on America that’s advancing Obama sick and twisted agenda for New World Order.

Obama, Podesta, Holder—they’re all spitting in the face of America.

Everything we’ve worked for—and our military has valiantly fought for and DIED FOR—over the course of history is at stake: our sovereignty, our freedom, our military power and our right to liberty and justice.

Indeed this is Obama’s idea of fundamentally changing America.

It’s so bad that the producer of Schindler’s List has said he “never feared my government until now.” What does that tell you?

You should fear Obama’s every action now. He’s getting bolder…cockier. We’re already three quarters of the way into Martial Law, living in a police state.

When you put all of his vile actions together it spells grave danger. All you have to do is connect the dots. Look at the deeply disturbing chain of events that have been taking place. Already Obama has been:

Heavy check mark Purging the military of the highest ranking generals and officers

He’s fired our military’s finest—200 since he took office. It’s unprecedented. Obama is deliberately weakening out military and replacing them with loyalists who have promised to “pry the guns from our cold, dead hands” for starters.

If a military officer speaks out, he’s fired or stripped of a promotion. The “king” does not allow anyone to speak out against him. It’s so bad that Obama is now being watched by our military.

Heavy check markConducting mass gun-grabs with the intent to leave Americans helpless to fight back

Obama and his administration have already put the gun-grab into motion. If the “king” gets his way, guns will be taken away from people being treated for even the slightest mental health issue.

Our own veterans have had their guns confiscated under the false pretense of mental health issues. Gun grabs are being made all over the nation. What’s more, through the use of propaganda and lies they’re demonizing gun owners.

Heavy check markFreely giving away US sovereignty to impose New World Order

There’s a vicious plan underway right now to place US sovereignty in foreign hands. Under a new free trade agreement even our US Supreme Court with have no authority and hold no power.

Obama wants to give away control of our oceans and land, too. Those plans have already been set into motion. He’s opening America up to attack to allow the extremists and terrorists to take control.

Heavy check mark Placing known extremists and terrorists in administrative positions in the White House

He’s put known extremists from the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House—given them access to everything. Even more chilling? One of them—Huma Abedin—is Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff.

Still another, Mohamed Elibiary is a member of the DHS’s Security Council. Both of these people have known ties to terrorists. There are 10-15 others with those same close ties to this dangerous organization in the administration.

Heavy check mark Spying on Americans 24/7

Clearly Obama wants to know who’s with him and who’s against him. He’s gone so far as to place innocent Americans such as veterans, Christians and patriotic Americans on watch lists, labeling them as “extremists.”

Think about the gun owners and the national registry he’s demanding. There’s no question he wants to know who is armed. They’re expecting an uprising against the tyranny.

Heavy check mark Building a mass arsenal of weapons and ammo using the Department of Homeland Security

Unprecedented ammo buys have been carried out—hallow points no less, the very ammo our own military is forbidden to use. What’s more, the DHS has purchased tanks and weapons. All of it points to Martial Law and Obama taking his seat as a dictator.

A long time ago I told you it would get very ugly—even downright dangerous or deadly. That time is here.

Democrats are pushing for a third term. Can you imagine what would happen if that becomes a reality? All Obama has to do is sign an executive order to change the election laws so he can take a third term. Remember, “he’s just getting warmed up” according to his own people.

What’s worse, he could change our laws so that there are NO term limits in the presidency. The thought makes me ill.

He must be stopped. If you agree, then click here to do something about it.

If it’s this bad now, think how much worse it’s going to get—unless you step up.

Please, as God is my witness there’s no time to waste. I must hear from you today.

We’re desperate…at the end of our rope. Funds are scraping bottom, about to go into the red because this fight against government tyranny is so massive—but we have to keep blasting out letters, emails, calls and faxes and holding rallies, protests and demonstrations.

And, we have to keep boots on the ground in Washington. Our top team is stationed in DC indefinitely now. It was a drastic move but we had to do it. We have an elite group of specially-trained Patriots standing guard, secretly keeping watch over certain “traitors” to the American people.

I can’t tell you who they are because we have to protect their identity but we also have a “X-team” of powerful individuals planning to launch all-out assaults to IMPEACH the malignancy festering in the Oval Office.

Do you see why I’m begging you for help? Do you want me to pull them back? Even our military is asking for help with marches being planned across America. I can’t turn my back on them. Can you?

Please, I pray you won’t let me down. We have to step up our efforts to get rid of Obama. I won’t make those critical deadlines this week if you don’t help.

Think about what’ll happen if we don’t stop this dangerous man.

It’s an all-out war now. Will you stand with us?

Steve Eichler
Tea Party

P.S. – Hey, can I ask you a favor? Please sign the petition to “IMPEACH OBAMA!” We are gaining so much ground but we need massive amounts of signatures to have true impact. Do it today!


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