Allen West: Thousands of Iraqi children face death after ISIS advance; where’s the liberal hashtag campaign?

See Iraqi Yazidi MP Breaks Down in Tears Pleading Parliament to Save #Yazidis from #Genocide: via @YouTube #isis #iraq #is

Photo: Sophie Cousins/Al Jazeera
Photo: Sophie Cousins/Al Jazeera

I just love liberal progressive hypocrisy. Leftists want to monitor Christian sermons but radical Islamic imams and mullahs are ok. It is a human rights violation for a sovereign nation to defend itself against an Islamic terrorist organization but then again the terrorists are actually humanitarians. And it is tragic that Gazans used as human shields are killed, but you hear not a peep about Christians in Mosul being told to convert, pay a jizya submission tax or die.

Americans against the illegal immigrant invasion are told they are not compassionate — after all the “children” are trying to escape crime and violence. So I wonder if we’ll hear anything from the liberal progressive media about this report from CNS News: “A humanitarian tragedy is looming in northwestern Iraq, where up to 25,000 children, mostly from the minority Yazidi community, are among those who fled ahead of advancing Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) jihadists and are now stranded without water or supplies in arid, mountainous terrain.”

The U.N. Children’s Fund in Iraq said Tuesday at least 40 children were already reported to have died, “as a direct consequence of violence, displacement and dehydration over the past two days.”

I’m just waiting for the #campaign from the First Lady and all the Hollywood types. Maybe Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz will write a letter to Emir Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and accuse him of genocide — since they feel Israel was guilty of it. Do any of you think America doesn’t have the capability to find where these Yazidi children are and get them safe passage into Kurdish controlled areas — namely Kirkuk?

Nah, you see, for liberal progressives, compassion is tied to their political agenda. That agenda extends only to illegal aliens that they want in America, since they don’t believe in sovereign borders anyway. Or their agenda allies with Islamic terrorists and the propaganda spewed forth with pictures of hurt little Palestinian children – who were intentionally placed in harm’s way as human shields.

CNS reports that tens of thousands of people fled as ISIS seized control of the town and district of Sinjar west of Mosul at the weekend, pushing back Kurdish “peshmerga” forces who had been providing security there. “Families who fled the area are in immediate need of urgent assistance, including up to 25,000 children who are now stranded in mountains surrounding Sinjar and are in dire need of humanitarian aid including drinking water and sanitation services,” said UNICEF’s Iraq director, Marzio Babille.

Sorry, it’s not politically advantageous for liberal progressives to care about what happens to Iraqi children — after all, Iraq was George W. Bush’s fault. And since they hate Bush so much, then by default you Yazidis must suffer and die so that it can all be blamed on George W. Bush.

As the progressive trolls blather on at this site, “so you want to go back and fight in Iraq” – no, I want to destroy an Islamist army. And that’s not something for which I feel compelled to apologize. As a matter of fact, I would be more than happy to “strap on the gear” and personally go back.

U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Samantha Power on Tuesday condemned ISIS (also known as ISIL), for its recent attacks and voiced concern about the situation in the Sinjar region, according to CNS News. “ISIL’s reported abuse, kidnapping, torture and executions of Iraq’s religious and ethnic minorities and its systematic destruction of religious and cultural sites are appalling,” she said.

However, the authorities in Baghdad have been appealing to the U.S. for months –since last August, according to House Foreign Affairs Committee chairman Rep. Ed Royce (R-Calif.) – to carry out airstrikes against ISIS forces. The appeals were repeated in recent weeks by the Iraqi ambassador to Washington — but of course President Obama has not obliged — after all, it’s Bush’s fault.

The hypocrisy never ceases to amaze me. And I know my brothers and sisters in the military — they want to eliminate this enemy. They just want to be able to do it without having one arm tied behind their backs.

When I was in Afghanistan, nothing pleased us more than seeing little girls going to school. We are compassionate, just not selectively so.

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