Col. Allen West, Ret : Iraq

The Allen West Foundation
Iraq is crumbling before our very eyes:

  • Islamic extremists have taken parts of Iraq and Syria and declared a ‘caliphate
  • Christians are told to ‘convert, pay, or die
  • Iraq’s leader who persecuted his political enemies has lost credibility

In 2003, I served in Operation Iraqi Freedom, and I later worked a contractor there. I was proud to bring democracy to the Middle East, and I understood the terrible sacrifice America made. We lost 4,486 men and women and spent over two trillion dollars of taxpayer money. Allen West Served in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

In 2011, this Administration made a hasty withdrawal of our troops, and we are now seeing the consequence of their weak leadership and lack of resolve. Iraq and Afghanistan veterans everywhere are incredulous.

These veterans would have NEVER disrespected the sacrifice their brothers and sisters made by abandoning Iraq and allowing their leaders to run their fledgling democracy into the ground.

This is why the mission of the Allen West Foundation to engage and inspire the next generation of conservative leaders is more important than ever. With the November election just months away, your urgent donation will help me solve the startling lack of veterans in public service.

Our veterans are heralded across the country for their professionalism and courage. It’s those same qualities that could still prevent the total collapse of Iraq created by this Administration’s lack of leadership.

Steadfast and Loyal,

Allen B. West
Lt. Col. USA (Ret)

P.S. Iraq is crumbling and Christians there are told to ‘convert, pay, or die.’ This Administration lacks the resolve to solve the problem. Help me solve the startling lack of veterans in public service now!

Let's Solve It

The Allen West Foundation’s goal is to inspire the next generation of conservative minority and veteran leaders.

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