This SWAT Sniper Paid The Price For Fantasizing About Killing Bundy Ranch Protesters

“He should have known better. [Really? These Obama-asskissing militarized thugs don’t know anything but subservience to the ‘dictator and thief’, Obama!]

Margaret Bundy Houston Tackled
Following April’s standoff between federal agents and civilian protesters at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada, tensions on both sides of the issue remained high.

What one law enforcement professional posted on social media regarding the incident, however, went far beyond the bounds of policy disagreement.

Las Vegas SWAT officer Russell Laws reportedly posted a vicious Facebook update immediately following the standoff’s conclusion on April 12.

“I just wish you could see how big that guy prone with the rifles head was in the scope of the Snipers [sic] .308 …. don’t worry, he wouldn’t have felt a thing!” [police-thug]

After publicly fantasizing about blowing a protester’s head off with his sniper rifle, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that he was soon called out by fellow Facebook user J.L. Bourne.

The former military officer called Laws a “fat, oath breaking cooterville SWAT sniper,” commenting that he, too, owned a .308 rifle.

“I’m going to archive this,” he wrote in response to Laws’ post, “and screen capture everything in case their names ever come up in a police brutality case.”

In an email to the Review-Journal, Bourne included images of the post and expressed his concern about an officer publishing such violent ideas. Though Laws attempted to remedy the situation by deleting his comment, his superiors received word of the post and took immediate action.


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