Jobs Americans won’t (aren’t allowed) to do!! White House Plans To Recruit Illegals To Guard Nation’s Borders!

Border Patrol Agents Monitor US-Mexico Border

<NationalReport>Hoping to appeal to fiscal conservatives, as well as addressing concerns over illegal immigration and our porous border with Mexico, the Obama White House has quietly begun to test an experimental program which they hope will address both security concerns as well as spiraling costs. Details have not been finalized, and thus far no official comment from the White House, but highly placed sources reveal that preliminary plans have already been approved by the President himself.
Counter to historical precedence, the task of protecting our borders would no longer require the deployment of U.S. Border Patrol agents, Immigration and Naturalization ( INS), the U.S. Military, or any U.S. Law enforcement agency. The plan, as preliminarily proposed, is said to save the nation’s tax payers billions over the next decade while addressing the problem head on.

Tentatively titled, “Mi Casa es Su Casa”, the proposal is to employ out of work illegals themselves to watch over and stand guard along the entire border. The proposal is to take advantage of the abundant and ready supply of cheap labor which comes into this country each and every day. Instead of arresting and routinely deporting them, these individuals would be given the opportunity to attend an all-day training seminar in which they would be taught the skills they will need to interdict others who attempt to gain entrance to the U.S. illegally.
Given the number of violators coming from Mexico, Central and South America, the architects of the plan have calculated that by employing these illegals to secure our border, there would be one man, woman or child “every two and half feet”, or within arms reach of each other in less than one year.

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  1. While we’re at it, let’s put the KKK in charge of the DOJ’s Civil Rights division. (sarc)


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