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Loganswarning: Logan’s Warning Honored to be Interviewed by World Truth Summit!

22 Jul 2014 Hello friends, last week I was honored to be interviewed by the highly regarded World Truth Summit. Lead by the well informed and very personable Elsa, WTS has interviewed some true heavyweights in the past. That round … Continue reading

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Michelle Obama a Man?

Michelle Obama a Man? Michelle Obama a Man? View on http://www.youtube.com Preview by Yahoo

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For second time, rockets found at UN school in Gaza

Robert Spencer Jul 22, 2014 The UN has demonized Israel for years. The UNRWA feigned outrage when the first cache of Hamas rockets was found in one of its schools, but this second find establishes a pattern. The UN has … Continue reading

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Has Obama Created A New Star Chamber By Rewriting The Law?

Each week seems to bring another example of the Obama administration’s government-by-executive-decree. Last Thursday it was a quiet posting on the Health and Human Services website exempting U.S. territories, with more than 4 million residents, from key provisions of the … Continue reading

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Natural News: Federal courts clash over legality of Obamacare; WSJ warns about GMOs

Dear NaturalNews readers, Federal courts clashed yesterday about the legality of Obamacare subsidies, with one court ruling the subsidies were illegal while another said the law should be interpreted on its “intent” rather than what it actually says: http://www.naturalnews.com/046113_Obamacare_subsidies_court_decision.html Check … Continue reading

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Zach Taylor Interview from the film; “Back to the Border” JFA

Published on Jul 18, 2014 Retired Border Patrolman of 27 years gives exclusive interview to Chris Burgard for the film, “Back to the Border.” Some scary stuff about human trafficking, guns, drugs and how governments are involved. This guy should … Continue reading

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