Dearborn: Muslim confesses to burning Qur’ans at Islamic center

These nut cases do it all the time, vandalize their own places and they cry “hate-crime”… I have NO sympathy! Throw the book at him and all like him!


Last month, the Imam Husham al-Husainy used the Qur’ans burned at the Karbalaa Center to call for Sharia restrictions on the freedom of speech. Now it turns out that the Qur’ans were burned by Ali Hassan Al-Assadi, a Muslim who was angry with people at the local mosques and says he burned the Qur’ans in retribution. Al-Husainy, sensing his “Islamophobia” narrative crumbling, claims without any evidence or foundation that “Islamophobes” were behind al-Assadi’s actions anyway. In any case, whatever al-Assadi’s motives, his actions certainly served al-Husainy’s anti-free speech agenda. Now the poor imam is bereft.

“Iraqi American man arrested while burning Qur’an in Dearborn,” by Ali Harb, Arab American News, July 4, 2014 (thanks to Halal Pork Shop):

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    Et les pseudo-agressions de femmes voilées à Argenteuil ? Il faudrait bien que leur caractère fallacieux soit enfin reconnu


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    They WERE getting their way…but Nooooo, they have to play the “poor me” card…THEN ADMIT TO IT!!


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