Illegal Immigrants Being Flown Into Houston After California Rejection

HOUSTON, Texas–An unknown number of illegal immigrants will be transported by federal agents to Houston, Texas. The foreigners will fly into the Bush Intercontinental Airport on Thursday.

The office of Houston Mayor Annise Parker confirmed the migrants’ arrival, according to Click2Houston.
It appears that the immigrants coming to Houston are the same individuals who were rejected in Murrieta, California. On Tuesday 140 illegal immigrants were transported via plane to San Diego and then bussed to a federal housing facility in Murrieta. A large crowd of angry U.S. citizens protested the migrants’ arrival, which prompted agents to turn the bus around.
Patrice Lynes, the organizer of the Murrieta protests, told Michelle Moons of Breitbart News that she and others want the U.S. to repatriate illegal immigrants to their home countries.
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