Denmark Saves $10 Billion by Restricting Third World Immigration

May 10, 2014 by Daniel Greenfield

But where will this Soldier of Allah go?

But where will this Soldier of Allah go?

Denmark has a population of less than 6 million. Imagine how much the United States could save if it stopped importing welfare cases. (via Religion of Peace)

Denmark’s strict immigration laws have saved the country billions in benefits, a government report has claimed. The Integration Ministry report has now led to calls among right-wing populists to clamp down further on immigrants to increase the savings.
The extremely strict laws have dramatically reduced the flow of people into Denmark in recent years, and many government figures are delighted with the outcome. “Now that we can see that it does matter who comes into the country, I have no scruples in further restricting those who one can suspect will be a burden on Denmark,” the center-right liberal integration minister, Søren Pind, told the Jyllands Posten newspaper.
Pind was talking after the ministry’s report — initiated by the right-wing populist Danish People’s Party (DPP) — came to the conclusion that by tightening immigration laws, Denmark has saved €6.7 billion ($10 billion) over the last 10 years, money which otherwise would supposedly have been spent on s ocial benefits or housing. According to the figures, migrants from non-Western countries who did manage to come to Denmark have cost the state €2.3 billion, while those from the West have actually contributed €295 million to government coffers.
But the report has sparked outrage from opposition parties like the centrist Social Liberal Party, which dismissed it as undignified and discriminatory. The party’s integration spokeswoman, Marianne Jelved, said: “A certain group of people is being denounced and being blamed for our deficit, being made into whipping boys.”
She added: “We cannot classify people depending on their value to the economy. That is degrading in a democracy that has a basic value of equality.”

Actually yes you can and should. Immigrants should provide a net benefit to the country. It’s possible to evaluate the net benefit and loss for immigrants from a given country or group. And immigration targets should be set based on the net benefit from that group while restricting groups that are a net loss.
These figures should be calculated based on taxes paid, social services used, added cost of crime prevention, native job creation, etc…

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4 Responses to Denmark Saves $10 Billion by Restricting Third World Immigration

  1. It’s simple, really.
    A nation is a living organism.
    Ingesting foreign things can harm it.
    If something is bad for your country, stop it coming in.
    Prevent further damage by rejecting that which has already entered.
    Third world people and Jews cannot be successfully integrated into Western society.

    Three cheers for Denmark!


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    Denmark reports positive results from restricting immigration; neighboring countries are going to want the same thing. Denmark can be the first domino.


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