Blatantly partisan Wisconsin investigation stopped dead

By: James Simpson
DC Independent Examiner
Wisconsin Democrats have gone to the mats to destroy Governor Scott Walker and anyone associated with him. There was the occupation of the capital for a month by “paid volunteers” of Wisconsin public employee unions in an attempt to stop Walker’s union reforms, while state senate Democrats fled the state to deny the chamber a quorum for a vote. Then there was the recall, fraught with petition fraud that the very partisan Wisconsin Government Accountability Board – WI’s state election board – refused to even consider. There were the endless vicious attacks in the press and numerous death threats. Then there were the “John Doe” investigations, which have already ruined at least one defenseless individual. Democrats’ catalog of sins in Wisconsin can be read in full HERE.

Democrats owned Wisconsin for ages. It is the state where public employee unions – bane of our existence – were born. “Fightin’ Bob” La Follette, an early “progressive” U.S. Senator, introduced legislation in 1912 that paved the way for the first such union, the National Federation of Federal Employees. Having had control of the levers of power in the state, Democrats feel free [to] abuse all kinds of little devices to keep power. One is the so-called “John Doe” law where the state can launch secret investigations based on anonymous tips, and require no grand jury to initiate.

Democrats have launched two against Walker, and have carried them on for years, despite no evidence and no convictions. But in the process they have put a vice grip on conservative political activity in the state and fostering an atmosphere of fear and intimidation. Does this sound familiar? One was stopped a short while ago, but the other persisted.

Well, free speech finally got a break. A federal judge has ruled this investigation completely without merit. He said:

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