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Funding our own demise! Post 9/11, Muslim Brotherhood Groups in U.S. Receive Gov’t Funds

Err…taxpayer funds. via Post 9/11, U.S. Brotherhood Groups Receive Gov’t Funds. By Ryan Mauro A review of federal spending by the Clarion Project found that the U.S. government has engaged in financial transactions with group with extremist backgrounds and Muslim … Continue reading

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Texas: Judge rules prisons violating rights of Muslim convicts?

Does the Constitution enumerate the right to group prayer with taxpayer-funded prayer leaders? via Federal ruling: Texas prisons violating rights of Muslims – Houston Chronicle. h/t Bare Naked Islam The Texas prison system is violating the rights of Muslim inmates … Continue reading

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Why Does The US State Department Turn A Blind Eye To Countries Persecuting Christians?

Originally posted on MidnightWatcher's Blogspot:
Take a look at who’s in the White House and you’ll know why. When the US President goes out of his way to covertly recruit Muslims as US diplomats and even appoints a pro-terror…

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JihadWatch: Hamas to kids: Shoot all the Jews

Teaching genocidal aspirations to young children ought to be considered a form of child abuse. But the international “human rights community” is too busy issuing condemnations of Israel and wringing its hands over “Islamophobia” to take notice of this, or … Continue reading

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Bundy Update: “Get rid of these armed separatists.”

Bundy Update: If This Politician Has His Way, The Feds Could Start Taking Out The Militia “Get rid of these armed separatists.” Along with Nevada Sen. Harry Reid, state Rep. Steven Horsford has been a constant voice of opposition against … Continue reading

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Dad handcuffed for protesting graphic-sex book

Watch What Happens When One Parent Speaks Out at a School Board Meeting About a Controversial Book Assigned to His Daughter Dad handcuffed for protesting graphic-sex book California School District Gives Students Absolutely Jaw-Dropping Assignment in Attempt to ‘Meet Common … Continue reading

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WATCH: Bunkerville Residents Unite Around Militia Plenty of locals are glad to have the added support.

As Western Journalism reported earlier this week, the armed protesters who remain in Clark County, Nev. following last month’s standoff with federal Bureau of Land Management agents are increasingly being targeted by Democrat politicians and mainstream media outlets. Despite the … Continue reading

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LogansWarning: Obama: Proud Supporter of Islamic Soc of N. America Interfaith Efforts

I know I am probably not telling you something you do not know this time, but I just wanted to share what I noticed on Twitter last night. (Click on image to enlarge) – See more at: http://loganswarning.com/2014/05/05/obama-proud-supporter-of-islamic-soc-of-n-america-interfaith-efforts/

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FPM: Christians ‘Crucified Again’ for Refusing Islam…Literally.

By Raymond Ibrahim Literally. To the awe of its readership, a recent Daily Mail article reports that the “jihadist Islamic State of Iraq and Levant [ISIL],” which is currently entrenched in Raqqa, Syria, “publicly crucified two Syrian rebels in northeastern … Continue reading

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FPM: New Democracy Alliance Donors Revealed

By Arnold Ahlert Why the Left’s secretive group of millionaires and billionaires thinks it’s morally superior to the Koch brothers. [To order David Horowitz and Jacob Laksin’s “The New Leviathan: How the Left-Wing Money Machine Shapes American Politics and Threatens … Continue reading

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BLM is only another symptom

May 4, 2014 The BLM (Bureau of Land Management) is just another finger of the Federal Government but a well placed finger can poke an eye out. Stories like the Bundy Ranch are important to observe and ponder but they … Continue reading

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John Kerry slams Boko Haram jihadists… for not offering health insurance?

[ Mr John Effing Kerry…where is the out rage at the thousands of christians murdered by the Nigerian Sharia government since just the beginning of this year…not to mention the thousands upon thousands in the last few years…where is the … Continue reading

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Outrageous Common Core question: Was the Holocaust a hoax?

Tuesday, May 6, 2014 at 12:11 PM EST Was the Holocaust “an actual event in history, or merely a political scheme created to influence public emotion and gain wealth”? That was the stunning question eighth graders in the Rialto Unified … Continue reading

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Westerners fear Obama preparing monuments land grab

(Al Hartmann | The Salt Lake Tribune) Canyon Rims area just north of U-111 is an area up for consideration for inclusion into an expanded Canyonlands National Park. La Sal Mountain range lies far to the east. By Thomas Burr  … Continue reading

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BUSTED: Harry Reid Owns 93 Acres Next to Bundy Ranch

Reid Bunkerville LLC Exposed: Is This Why Bundy Ranch Was Targeted? (Before It’s News) By Susan Duclos (Before It’s News Exclusive) Public land records obtained by Before It’s News show a corporate entity partially owned by Senator Harry Reid is … Continue reading

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