Nikola Tesla: Father of HAARP and Electromagnetic “Climate Change”


The covert use of weather modification is the “climate change” we should fear most.
Chemtrails Planet
This short video explains the basis for HAARP as a weapon of weather modification. The covert application of Tesla’s concepts of heating the ionosphere has been sold to the public as” global warming” and then “climate change”. Neither warmists or deniers will ever convince the public the climate is changing as the IPCC claims until the past 22 years of aerosol deployment, HAARP and a vast array covert weather weapons is universally acknowledged.

The issue of weather modification of storms is no longer a secret. Many observers took time to document conditions, images and data as Sandy progressed from a low pressure area to category 2 Hurricane to inflict $Billions in damage, life, hardship and property loss just prior to the presidential election. The evidence of foreknowledge and coincidence of Hurricane “Sandy” and “Sandy Hook” massacre cannot be ignored. It’s now public knowledge that the Department of Homeland Security is involved in aerosol geoengineering to mitigate, steer or even intensify storms. If Sandy was forecast to weaken why this storm make landfall as a category 2 Hurricane – especially when mitigation strategies available to DHS were available?

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