Nazi Exploitation of Youth and Parental Alienation

Have we lost our children to the government the same as 1930;s Germany?

The difference is Hitler wanted youth to fight FOR the State, Obama wants youth to fight AGAINST the USA!

image008.jpgThe film conveys a simple idea: the German youth is a state possession. The German youth belongs to Germany, not his parents. Those damn useless vacillators between communism and Nazional Socialism, as Quex’s father, and weak-willed old women, like his mother! The film heralded the Nazi New Order. The film’s narrative, it appears, presented the facts of Heini’s experiences dispassionately, but it is a clever propaganda trick: the characters are drawn with a stark contrast: the idealistic Hitler Youths and the depraved Communist youths. As a result, only a mature, critical mind would avoid reaching the conclusions the Nazis wanted.

From the position of a 65-year-old man who has gone through hell and high water and seen it all, from the Nazis to Soviets, to the most sophisticated American methods of brainwashing, as I did, the movie is a ridiculously crude propaganda flick. But so are numerous movies, serials and other programming produced en mass in Hollywood and splashed on Americas TV screens in 1980’s-2010s for everyone spiritual consumption. The main difference is that the guise of “objectivity” is just a smidgen more believable and the objectives of such mind programming are made to appear a smidgen more “humane,” but the propagandistic aspect of this mind-programming effort is just as apparent, at least from the vintage point of my life experience.


Kelly points out the influence of this cult movie upon the creators of the Pavlik Morozov’s cult, and the “necessity” to counter the cult of Hitlerjunge Quex, they perhaps saw.

Both the novel and the movie Hitlerjunge Quexwere based on the real story of the boy named Herbert Norkus. Herbert, a Hitler Youth member, died from the stab wounds he suffered when allegedly confronted by Communist youths on the night of 23 / 24 January, 1932 in the Beusselkietz neighborhood of Moabit, Berlin, where he was putting out posters about an upcoming Hitler Youth meeting.

The very next morning, Joseph Goebbels (future minister of Propaganda and Enlightenment of Nazi Germany) used Norkus’ death for propaganda purposes, during a rally in Berlin’s Sportpalast. The boy’s funeral in Berlin was turned into a major Nazi ceremonial event, all Nazi organizations united and present.

The German Communists launched a propaganda counter-offensive, alleging the incident was an accidental result of Communists’ self-defense against a Nazi attack. At the subsequent trial, several persons were sentenced, but the alleged accomplices Willi Simon, Bernhard Klingbeil and Harry Tack managed to escape to the Soviet Union.

Your Child Belongs to Us!

So claimed a political poster depicting a cute 10-year-old girl, a proxy for all German children. Ten years of age, as psychologists would attest to, is the age when children become most vulnerable to parental alienation. To those harboring disapproval of the Nazi regime, Hitler laconically posed a question, with an ominous built-in answer: “Your child belongs to us already. What are you? You will pass on…” Another poster, “Offzieren von Morgen,” (Officers of Tomorrow) elucidated upon why the state had such great love for the nation’s children, that by 1945 it enlisted over 10 million in Hitlerjugend.

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