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Arizona Official: Cliven Bundy’s Acts Are Legal

By Joe Battaglia Source: Newsmax.com Monday, 21 Apr 2014 04:01 PM Thanks to R. The Nevada cattle rancher at the center of a land dispute with the federal government should not have to surrender his property, an Arizona official says, … Continue reading

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Here ya go, friends. Paul Weston arrested for quoting Churchill

*** LIBERTY GB PRESS RELEASE 26TH APRIL 2014 *** Today Paul Weston, chairman of the party Liberty GB and candidate in the 22 May European Elections in the South East, has been arrested in Winchester. At around 2pm Mr Weston … Continue reading

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Professor Goes Absolutely Ballistic in Wild, Expletive-Laden Rant Against Evangelists

See Video: http://conservativevideos.com/2014/04/professor-goes-absolutely-ballistic-wild-expletive-laden-rant-evangelists/ (Content Warning: Language) A University of Connecticut professor went wild on Tuesday during a campus presentation on the gospel that included discussion on evolution. James Boster, a professor of anthropology, spent more than two hours trying to … Continue reading

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CNN’s Chris Cuomo Tried to Destroy Cliven Bundy Today But Did He Do the Opposite?

Originally posted on GulfDogs:
The Democratic Party is the collective. They are so far left that they and their lapdog media leftists can no longer differentiate themselves from any statist party in the EU. Americans don’t like the direction the…

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An American Oligarch: Senator Harry Reid’s BLM Land Scams, Bribes, Mafia Links and Bloodlines

Shawn Helton 21st Century Wire This is way more than a grievance about unpaid ‘grazing fees’, as Senator Harry Reid’s involvement with BLM is evidence of how Agenda 21-led policies are rapidly seeping out of the Capitol Hill swamp. Liberal … Continue reading

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Federal Land? Most – on both sides – get it wrong. Here’s what the Constitution says about the issue

What I have found in reading the Nevada Constitution, people mistakenly read Federal government when they see the word government, which is not the case. http://www.leg.state.nv.us/const/nvconst.html The State of Nevada has it’s own, separate Government which does not include the … Continue reading

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