Our Lawless President Is Rewriting Drug Laws in Violation of the Constitution

April 22, 2014
By Sara Noble

Megyn and Andy

Megyn Kelly and Andy McCarthy

President Obama swore to uphold the Constitution when he was elected, but he is not. We have one more example this past week, as if we didn’t have enough examples prior to this. Obama now says he will release hundred of thousands of drug offenders back into society before they have served their time in the interest of “fairness” as he defines “fairness.”

Recently, Obama has allowed two states – Washington and Colorado – to illegally make marijuana legal. It will win Democrats votes. It’s a popular move but one that will pose a serious threat to our culture.

Also popular is letting people out of jail and he is going to unilaterally release hundreds of thousands of people convicted of drug crimes even though the laws that put them in prison were written by Congress.

President Obama is going to abuse the presidential pardon power to rewrite drug laws and pardon massive numbers of criminals with one sweeping gesture. This isn’t about individual cases as is the customary use of the pardon power, it’s a mass release.

Many of these criminals copped pleas and were actually guilty of more serious crimes than that for which they were convicted.

See Video and Read More: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/04/19/lawsuits-likely-to-increase-over-license-plate-profiling-in-response-to/

Colorado drivers say police profiling them in other states on heels of pot legalization

By Cristina Corbin

April 19, 2014


A screengrab from this dash-cam video, obtained by Fox affiliate KIVI-TV, shows Roseen being questioned by Klitch.

Colorado drivers claim they’re being unjustly targeted by police officers in other states who are singling them out because of their state’s recent legalization of marijuana.

Legal experts predict the complaints will soon lead to a string of “license plate profiling” lawsuits — one of which already has been filed in Idaho.

Darien Roseen, a 70-year-old retiree, was returning home from his daughter’s baby shower in Washington state in January when he was followed into an Idaho rest stop by a state trooper. A dash-cam shows Roseen — who was driving a vehicle with a Colorado license plate

Read More: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/04/19/lawsuits-likely-to-increase-over-license-plate-profiling-in-response-to/

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