Federal Judge Slams BLM: Criminal Conspiracy

Somewhere in Texas

The following comes from Mad World News. It should open a few eyes on the conservative side of the aisle. A judge coming out against the BLM in such a manner bodes well for the future developments in the Bundy Ranch case. Read it please. 

Federal Judge Slams BLM: Criminal Conspiracy


For over 20 years, the BLM has been engaging in criminal conspiracy according to federal courts. Now a federal judge has stepped up and slammed them for the true intent of the BLM.

Kit Daniels from Infowars discovered a case that over throws any idea that Clive Bundy was even close to wrong out of the water. In fact it has the federal judge’s opinion from a recent court case that throws this logic of back taxes to the BLM out the window. It reveals a 20 year old conspiracy by the BLM, that the judge calls “literal and…

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1 Response to Federal Judge Slams BLM: Criminal Conspiracy

  1. upaces88 says:

    This is all about the debt we owe China as Obama keeps driving the deficit up!
    Dirty Harry is in bed with the Chinese.
    There is also a land grab in Texas.
    Clinton had already given the Chinese Eminent Domain for land in Idaho and Texas.

    This is ALL about the debt. The Chinese want their $$…as any bank would. Obama has/Is giving them bits and pieces of Our America on the debt HE made! We seem to be the collateral and they will take more…just hide ‘n’ watch.
    I don’t blame them. I blame Obama!!!


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