New York State: Kids Punished In This Bizarre Way For Opposing Common Core

As public sentiment continues to build against murky and deeply partisan federal education guidelines, defenders within America’s public school system are only digging in deeper to subject the next generation to Common Core’s curriculum.

The reaction of administrators toward students who want to opt out of associated testing has in some cases been draconian. One district recently proved just how vindictive officials can be against students it deems enemies of the unpopular program.

The Arkport Central School District announced that young students – between third and sixth grade – would be rewarded with ice cream upon taking the Common Core exams. Those whose parents want to keep them away from the potentially dangerous curriculum, however, were denied the sweet treat.

News of the incident has sparked a renewed call to end the federal curriculum.

A number of parents were understandably outraged that their kids were singled out for this punishment simply because they acted within their legal right to shield the students from potential indoctrination. The district’s superintendent, however, claimed it was all a big misunderstanding.

“Very sorry it was taken in the light that it was taken,” Glenn Niles said, indicating the district “will evaluate what we will do in the future.”

One wonders what other light an eight-year-old would see a situation in which he was being deprived of the ice cream his classmates were enjoying.


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4 Responses to New York State: Kids Punished In This Bizarre Way For Opposing Common Core

  1. upaces88 says:

    ……Continued…sorry, I hit the return key by accident……
    Once she is in the building, she is YOUR responsibility. If I get another call from you because YOU CAN’T KEEP OUR CHILDREN SAFE….I will be up here next time with many parents and Fox TV as well as WBAP-TV!

    She never skipped again.


  2. upaces88 says:

    Hang in there, and I will get to the meat of it. I know this works!
    I had to do this at one time when my daughter turned 14 yrs old and her brains fell out!
    We lived 3 blocks from the Junior High. I HAD to drive her to school to make sure she didn’t skip.
    I sat in my car and “watched her walk in the front door.” Then, and only then did I drive off.

    The phone was ringing when I walked into the back door from the garage. It was the principal of the school threatening to report me to Child Protective Services because my daughter was walking into the front door…then walking out the backdoor to skip school. I jumped back in my car. I marched my butt into the Principal’s office unannounced.
    “I drive my daughter to school everyday. I watched her walk into YOUR building. Once she is in the building, she IS YOUR responsibility. IF I get another call from you because


  3. STLloyd says:

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    Wow. Unbelievable, and yet, it just keeps getting worse, doesn’t it?


  4. a12iggymom says:

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