Bundy Ranch — email from an American:

Bundy Ranch — email from an American:

This is not particular to Obama but also at least every presidential administration since at least Nixon. Bundy is not the only rancher to have such a dispute.
I received this from a friend in NV.
The Western Shoshone were never asked to move onto reservations, and to this day nearly all of them support themselves with ranching and farming.
He stopped paying them back in the 1990s, saying that he would be willing to pay the county or the state.
The situation in most of Nevada is – make that should – be very different from almost anywhere else in the US. In the Treaty Of Ruby Valley, the Western Shoshone indians invited white settlers to come in and establish “ranches, farms, towns, and mines”. Congress had recognized the Western Shoshone ownership of most of the state in the Nevada Statehood Act. The Treaty Of Ruby Valley was made before that (1863) and ratified by Congress soon thereafter (1866). This treaty gave only limited property to the US government, specifically the right to build forts and railroads. There were never hostilities between the Western Shoshones in Nevada (unlike with the Paiutes). The Western Shoshone took to ranching and hay farming very well and got along with the whites. I own a ranch founded by a Western Shoshone over a century ago. All title transfers involving this ranch from then until now were voluntary sales.
In 1985, the US Supreme Court ruled that the aboriginal rights had been extinguished as of 1976. The Bundy family was ranching their land since around 1866. Of course, the Federalies don’t give a shit about that. The ranchers would own most of Nevada if they did, and that would be sooooo inconvenient. In this area, the feds started claiming that “management fees” were owed by ranchers in the 1950s. They now claim that they own nearly 90% of the state. All the ranchers that I know recognize the Treaty Of Ruby Valley as still being legitimate. The Federalies have a much bigger gun.
Cliven Bundy is a decent and non-violent man. I have met him on several occasions. His family has been running cattle on his ranch for about a century and a half. He was ordered off his ranch by the federalies on a totally bullshit “endangered” desert tortoise excuse. (The feds are planning on euthanizing thousands of them on a nearby federal tortoise preserve because they would rather spend the money on something else.) They are rounding up his cattle at a cost of over $1,000 each – because they chose to hire a crony with helicopters. If they rounded them up with cowboys on horses, it would be about $15 per cow – which wouldn’t leave much room for kickbacks.
My best friend of 20 years Wayne Hage Jr. just got back from there AND HE WAS SHOCKED BY THE FEDERALIE FIREPOWER BROUGHT TO BEAR. The feds are tasing and beating up people who are trying to take photos and videos of what is going on. They have set up “free speech zones” miles away from their activities. Even left wing newspaper men are disturbed.


October 1, 1863, 18 Statutes at Large 689

Treaty of Peace and Friendship made at Ruby Valley, in the Territory of Nevada, this first day of October, A.D. one thousand eight hundred and sixty-three, between the United States of America, represented by the undersigned commissioners, and the Western Bands of the Shoshonee Nation of Indians, represented by their Chiefs and Principal Men and warriors, as follows:


Peace and friendship shall be hereafter established and maintained between the Western Bands of the Shoshonee nation and the people and government of the United States; and the said bands stipulate and agree that hostilities and all depredations upon the emigrant trains,the mail and telegraph lines, and upon the citizens of the United States within their country, shall cease.


The several routes of travel through the Shoshonee country, now or hereafter used by white men, shall be forever free, and unobstructed by the said bands, for the use of the government of the United States, and of all emigrants and travellers under its authority and protection,without molestation or injury from them. And if depredations are at any time committed by bad men of their nation, the offenders shall be immediately taken and delivered up to the proper officers of the United States, to be punished as their offences shall deserve; and the safety of all travellers passing peaceably over either of said routes is hereby guarantied by said bands.
Military posts may be established by the President of the United states along said routes or elsewhere in their country; and station houses may be erected and occupied at such points as may be necessary for the comfort and convenience of travellers or for mail or telegraph companies.


READ MORE: http://www.nativeweb.org/pages/legal/shoshone/ruby_valley.html

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  1. Why don’t all these people stick around and help the Western Shoshone with their fight with the US Government? After all the Bundy ranch is part of the Treaty of Ruby Valley of 1863.


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