Oh Goody, Another Word The Left Wishes To Ban

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Good Freaking Grief!

Via The Advocate:

Is it past time to remove the word “homosexual” from the list of acceptable terms the media uses to describe gays and lesbians? Fox News stands by the word, making frequent use of it on air and online, even as other news outlets stopped years ago.

In a recent article, New York Times writer Jeremy Peters said of the word, “To most ears it probably sounds inoffensive. A little outdated and clinical, perhaps, but innocuous enough.” But the Times piece went on to note that, in the eyes of some, the word is “loaded” in nature, and many gays and lesbians perceive its usage as “pejorative.”

As Equality Matters reported this week, use of the term “homosexual” to refer to gay and lesbian people long ago fell out of favor with most mainstream news outlets, as “homosexual” is commonly used by opponents of…

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