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I have written several articles in the last six months defending those who have spoken out against gay marriage. Master Sergeant Phillip Monk, whose lesbian commander attempted to force him to state out loud his mental compliance to the open acceptance of gays in the military. And, of course, the Duck Commander himself, Phil Robertson, who showed the entire nation that you stand your ground, even if it may cost you.

The fact that I’m even having to write this article explaining why gay marriage is nonsensical demonstrates how ill our nation’s body has become. This would fall into the great category known as Common Sense. But we hanged that entity from the gallows and buried him in the prison yard decades ago, didn’t we? After all, we are the nation that not only allows illegal aliens to live in our country but gives them benefits. We are the nation that awards millions for spilling a cup of coffee on itself. So let’s not attempt to tell me same sex marriage and same sex couples adopting children is logical. The gravestone to Logic is propped right next to the one that reads: Here Lies Common Sense.

Now on many articles I’ve commented on I’ve gotten replies back that I’m anti gay. That I am a bigot. That I am a hate monger. Right wing card carrying nutcase. Actually, I didn’t used to think of the gay community one way or another. I’ve never even held a protest sign with disparaging remarks toward the gay community. And the simple fact is this. The gay and lesbian community haven’t been on a crusade for equal rights. Their mission is to attempt to force us to celebrate their lifestyle. You demand that heterosexuals raise their hands in allegiance to the gay community. You go into bakeries, fully knowing the owner is Christian, raise a ruckus when he won’t put two women on top of a wedding cake, and then cry discrimination. You attempt to make a Master Sergeant and Christian in the Air Force state out loud his loyalty to the gay community. Even on the Hulu movie net station–you already have a gay and lesbian section. And that’s fine. But then in the regular drama you fill it with gay oriented movies as well—pretending that the rest of us are just fascinated with your chosen sexual practice, which is far removed from the rest of us. Like I’m just itching as a straight male to watch a movie about a love affair between two men. You propagate the lifestyle in the educational system—even giving children a book to read about two gay penguins as if this is mainstream. You don’t want to be left alone. You want to indoctrinate your deviant lifestyle and impose it on everyone else. Typical Progressive mantra—take an abnormality, state it is normal and attempt to impose on society with rants of bigotry if society doesn’t quite agree with you. As I said, I didn’t used to have feelings toward the gay community one way or another. I have animosity now though toward the gays. And this article will probably hurt their feelings. It isn’t meant to, but there really isn’t any way around it. And if a gay person is reading this and about to comment back with the same tired name calling I want you to remember:

Your people started it.

So now I’m going to answer. For Michigan and Virginia and all the other states that are following this abhorrent policy of allowing gay marriage because they don’t have the moral courage to say out loud what is obvious. Why the issue of gay marriage should never have been an issue at all. And I’m going to show how their arguments for gay marriage aren’t based on any type of rational reason whatsoever, just as the pro illegal immigrant arguments aren’t. Because that’s what Progressives live in—anti-reason. The Progressive’s defenses for gay marriage are as follows:

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