National Guardsman – NO WAR WITH RUSSIA:

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National Guardsman: NO WAR WITH RUSSIA:

It’s amazing to me how many people are calling him a little whiner, baby, etc.  Most of whom are women..Who would cry to their man if they were getting picked on via facebook. 

Haven’t Americans had enough of war?  And, why would anyone WANT a nuclear war with Russia based on prejudices from 1985?  When did Russia suddenly become an enemy?  Is Crimea even our business?  Tell ya, war loving lunatics:  You are making me become more isolationist everyday.

We had better start listening to our troops:

From this facebook page: Americans Against the Republican and Democratic Parties

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2 Responses to National Guardsman – NO WAR WITH RUSSIA:

  1. Sonny Rudd says:

    What about the War on the American citizens being conducted under Obama his agenda to take away our Second Amendment right to bare arms. Will the NG support Obama if he implements martial law on the citizens of America? Will the NG support putting Americans in FEMA Camps? With the NG continue to support the TSA and any other Federal agency on illegal sreached of the American citizens? Is this picture of a E-4/Spec4 just someone who has more sense that his leaders? After all the NG has a two fold mission, Federal and State.


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