CFP: Obama To Stab Backs of Military Again By Reducing Pensions 10%

By Jerry McConnell

Not content with reducing military levels to dangerous and even suicidal plateaus of pre -WWII strengths but with cutting personal pay for military personnel who will put their lives on the line ad infinitum; Obama now plans as well on cutting the military retirement pension plans to involve personal contributions from their newly lowered rates of pay for their service.

I believe that little gambit of our Fuhrer is not going to be totally legal as it has always been my understanding that when military pay rates are being computed, there is an imputed deduction before applying the new levels. I hope someone of knowledge in these matters checks that out before a double dip deduction is damnably decreed by ‘der dictator’.

According to Investors Business Daily (IBD) online posting of March 14, 2014, “Obama Cuts Military Pensions, Exempts ObamaCare Subsidies” that is what will happen; i.e., “cut by 10 percent the military pensions of those who served their country while giving public employees a break by exempting their ObamaCare subsidies from sequestration.”

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