Florida: Muslim Man Arrested On Terror Charges Dreamed Of Blowing Up Bridges In Tampa And Sarasota

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For peaceful purposes. Yet another devout Muslim who, thanks to the teachings of Islam for some inexplicable reason, had absolutely no interest in building bridges with the West. He wanted to blow them up instead. Bear witness to the Islamist version of the “American Dream” — it’s a nightmare for everyone else …

By Keith Morelli, The Tampa Tribune – “Sami Osmakac toyed with the idea of blowing up the bridges crossing Tampa Bay or detonating bombs at the sheriff’s office and police departments before settling on a plan to plant explosives in Tampa’s Hyde Park party district and then spraying first responders with automatic gunfire, according to recently released court documents.

The planned January 2012 attack, Osmakac said in a ‘martyrdom video,’ would be ‘payback for Sheikh Osama Bin Laden, may he rest in peace.’

The plots are detailed in a 37-page report by a terrorism expert hired by…

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