Why Was @ChrisMurphyCT (Senator Chris Murphy, CT Democrat) In Ukraine Inciting Riot? And, Now Demanding Intervention?

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Why Was @ChrisMurphyCT (Senator Chris Murphy) In Kiev, Ukraine Inciting Riot? And, Now Demanding Intervention?


Who does this Senator work for?  Connecticut?  Looks to me like he was inciting rioters, supporting the radicals in Ukraine.  And wants our American military to occupy Kiev with our hard-earned American dollars and our troops potential loss of life.   Our men should not be cannon fodder for these corrupt politicians.   Shouldn’t this lunatic, Murphy  be in his own state?  Enforcing his Hitlerian gun ban against patriots that are willing to fight filth like him to secure their 2nd Amendment rights?   Connecticut Patriot Group Fights Back Against Gun Confiscation (God bless you patriots)

Why is the MSM not covering Murphy in Ukraine?  Is…

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