MN GOP Endorses Muslim/Somali for office; TRUE enabling

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MN has obviously lost its way & won’t be finding its way back soon. THE GOP endorses anti-Americans for public office and the other one hatches them. Paul Bunyon and Blue must have left the Land of Lakes a long time ago.

Comment worth noting: MNGOP endorses Somali candidate (he has our values?)

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 8, 2014 (Reader ‘wisdombegins’ sent us the comment below.)

I wish I had time to do this topic justice, but please follow the links sent by our reader.  A week or so ago we told youthat the MNGOP moved its offices to be near “everyday Minnesotans.” And, don’t forget the Center for Security Policy’s recent report about the Muslim Brotherhood’s influence on the GOP, here. And, just this week the Republican-dominated Virginia legislature commendedthe notorious Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center.  So what is happening to the GOP?


From ‘wisdombegins:’

Please take note. The Minnesota GOP has endorsed Abdimalik Askar


Everything about his life has been taxpayer funded! The reason he wants school choice is because he is a believer in taxpayer funded Islamic Charter Schools! That is his primary objective. This is truly Creeping Sharia!


The Republican Party needs to ask him how he feels about: 1. Separation of Church and State 2. Upholding laws that protect young girls from Genital Mutilation 3. Voter ID laws 4. Enforcing laws against the practice of Polygamy.


Maybe you can think of some more carefully worded questions that would reveal Mr. Askar’s true objectives?


[Back to Ann] Readers, especially our new ones! This is a good time to visit a very old post by another commenter, Avi, about the Muslim Brotherhood’s quiet Jihad in Minnesota.

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