VIDEO: Gov. Rick Perry Fires Up CPAC Crowd (Plus 2 More)

VIDEO: Gov. Rick Perry Fires Up CPAC Crowd

Posted: 07 Mar 2014 12:24 PM PST

Texas Gov. Rick Perry jabbed President Obama and the governors of blue states, Friday, for promoting policies that produce higher taxes and too much government involvement. Perry made the remarks during his speech at the annual CPAC convention.Related Links Rick Perry at CPAC 2014: Red-state…

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VIDEO: Mideast Wary over Iraq-Iran Plan to Unite in Oil Market

Posted: 07 Mar 2014 08:42 AM PST

Iraq is planning to triple its oil-producing capacity by 2020, hoping to leverage its natural resources in a power arrangement with Iran that could challenge Saudi Arabia’s domination of the world oil market.Related Links Iraq returns as world’s fastest-growing oil exporter • Reuters The Role of…

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VIDEO: Ben Shapiro at UCLA: “BDS Is Just Another Form of Anti-Semitism”

Posted: 07 Mar 2014 06:51 AM PST

Speaking at a BDS hearing in UCLA, radio talk show host Ben Shapiro tells it like it is…after which he received thunderous applause.Related Links Fighting BDS • Beliefnet (Jim Fletcher) Student: Ben Shapiro’s UCLA Speech Led to Defeat of Anti-Israel Resolution • Breitbart News Mystery of…

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5 Responses to VIDEO: Gov. Rick Perry Fires Up CPAC Crowd (Plus 2 More)

  1. upaces88 says:

    I like what he has done for Texas (my state)…except he has a soft spot for the Illegals…and other issues I do NOT approve of.
    Bill White was running against him last time, and that idiot wanted to take the guns away from Texans.
    We don’t have problems getting jobs here in Texas.
    On his debating skills, he must have had coaching. He is a great speaker, but when he was running for president, he did not do well. I don’t think he likes competition. He was well prepared to answer questions. He was used to doing all of the talking.

    I do appreciate everything he said….so I will “re-think” my opinion of him.


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    Wrong…Establisment Repug…NOT gonna fix this mess…Sorry.


  3. a12iggymom says:

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